Who are we?

We're not your traditional "unit" when it comes to MILSIM, we are a truly friends-first members-second group that enjoys playing Arma 3 the way it's meant to be played, as a video game! (Not some armchair-soldier fantasy)

What do we do?

Our operations are all over the place, we do whatever we feel like doing! We are not tied down to a certain nation, military doctrine, or even moral standing. We do usually play as the "bad guys" with a focus on motorized-infantry tactics, with substantial support elements such as our Hammer (artillery) group, heavy-weapons teams, Armadillo (armour) squadron, and/or our extremely talented Air Corps.

When do we do it?

Official group activities are split into a few parts:

  • Operations are always ran on Saturdays and Sundays at 17:30 UTC and may last up to four hours with a break in the middle of the session.
  • Trainings are uncommon, but when they're scheduled they always happen on weekdays around 20:30 UTC and usually last an hour, the days differ from week to week and may be held more than once a week!

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